Holidays for your dog and cat

In our Dog & Cat Hotel Birkenhof we take care of your pet; when you are on holiday or on a business trip, when you have a hospital stay coming up or when you have to go to work.

Welcome to our new homepage

As you will have noticed, we have been very difficult to reach recently, due not only to the current high volume of enquiries, but also to the change of ownership in July 2022. Accordingly, there has been a lot to do.
We apologise for the poor accessibility.

Don’t worry, we are still the same team and are on our way to give the Birkenhof a new shine.
We have lots of ideas and big plans that we will gradually put into practice.
We are very much looking forward to making our four-legged guests‘ stay even more pleasant in the future.

Accommodation for dogs

The dogs are usually accommodated in pairs in double rooms, but single keeping is also possible on request. Inside, the rooms are heated in the cold season and pleasantly cool in summer. In addition, each room has its own outdoor kennel.

Several times a day, the dogs are taken out of the rooms and onto the outdoor meadows. There, the dogs can play and romp together in small groups.

If your dog is a loner, he can of course enjoy the run alone.
Almost all of our four-legged guests look forward to the extensive play sessions and can’t wait to let off steam on our meadows.

You are welcome to make an appointment to come by with your dog(s) so that we can get to know each other and answer any questions you may have.

As we want your furry friend to feel comfortable with us, we always arrange a trial appointment at the first meeting so that we can get to know your dog in advance and cater to his needs, especially if a longer stay is planned.

Day care

Of course, we do not only look after your dog for a longer period of time, but also throughout the day if required.

So that your pet doesn’t have to stay at home alone when you don’t have time or have to work late. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Please note that we can only accept socially acceptable dogs for day care.

Accommodation for cats

We offer group and individual housing for cats.
Each of our rooms has its own cat-friendly furnished indoor and outdoor area.
In addition, the indoor areas are heated in winter.

Food of common brands is offered in sufficient quantities both as wet and dry food. 

Of course, you can bring your pet’s favourite food with you.

You are also welcome to bring a familiar object of your pet, e.g. a blanket, a T-shirt or a cushion with the scent of home.

Please note that adult cats must be neutered.

Requirements for accommodation



For new clients, at least one trial day must be arranged. This is the only way we can get to know your dog and specifically cater to his wishes during the holiday.


Of course, you can visit our premises – by prior appointment – and get a personal impression. Dogs are of course welcome to come along to get to know us for the first time.

Care agreement and contract basics to download

So that you can read and complete our agreements at home, we have deposited the documents here for you to download in PDF format:


Small dogs
Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russel, Chihuahua, …
19,- € / day
Medium dogs
Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Sheltie, …
21,- € / day
Big dogs
German Shepherd, Doberman, Hovawart, …
 23,- € / day
Cats 12,- € / day

Accommodation/daily rate includes full board.

In the period from 01.10. – 30.04. an additional € 2,50 per day will be charged for heating costs.

All prices include 19% VAT

We grant a discount for several animals from the same household. Just talk to us about it.

Single keeping
Should you wish to keep your four-legged friend individually, as accommodation with another four-legged friend is not possible, the following prices apply during the holiday period:

One dog in a double room:
the daily rate + 10,- € / day surcharge.

One cat in a double room:
20,- € / day.

During the holiday season, single rooms are very limited.


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Business hours

Bringing in boarding house guests is only possible in the mornings during our opening hours, so that they have enough time to settle in before the night’s rest begins.
Bring times:
Later please only by arrangement!
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

09:00 – 11:00 hrs
10:00 – 12:00 hrs

18:00 – 19:00 hrs
Since we often cannot interrupt our work at will, we ask that you refrain from surprise visits. Punctuality and adherence to our business hours also make the process much easier for us.


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