General Terms and Conditions

1. The pet owner is obliged to hold a valid anti-rabies inoculation and also an indemnity for his pet.

2. The pet owner is obliged to inform the Dog&Cat Hotel Staff over diseases and unusual behaviour of his/her pet.

3. In the case of pet sickness or injury the pet owner agrees that the necessary vet treatment takes place thru our house vet.

4. In case of pet loss the Dog&Cat Hotel is liable as per Law up to 500,00 Euro for Dog and 250,00 Euro for Cat.

5. If the pet owner is not able to pick up his pet as per date agreed he/she is obliged to inform the Hotel immediately.

6. If the agreed hotel stay has been exceeded without the pet owner taking necessary steps for an extension the hotel is entitled as the pet owner is to take/make decisions regarding the pet.

7. The Dog&Cat hotel staff are liable only by culpable negligence.

8. To reserve a hotel space a pre-payment of 50,00 Euro is necessary. In case of cancellation of contract under 10 days before deadline date in the holiday and peak session times there will be no refund from the pre-payment amount.

9. The cost from the hotel stay are to be paid in cash on the day of pet delivery mines pre payments.

10. All prices are include VAT.